Performance Academy (Grades 4-8)
Mesquite Elementary Performance AcademyAt Mesquite Elementary, we are committed to supporting the development of the whole child. Our staff works hard to ensure a strong academic foundation for all, while actively working with each student's needs. Our commitment to the needs of our students is reflected in our Performance Academy.

What is the Performance Academy?

Gilbert Public School's unique Performance Academy program (4–8 grades), hosted at Mesquite Elementary, allows students involved in elite athletics or performing arts to experience everything a school has to offer, while still maintaining their training and competitive schedule. Students are in school every morning (7:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.) and can be transported directly to their gym or training center of choice after school.

Information and Open House Nights:

  • Performance Academy Information Night on Wednesday, February 27th at 6:30pm.
  • Open House/Tour on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:30am where families can visit the Performance Academy in action.  
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How We Learn

The Summit Learning Platform and GPS Global Academy Curriculum allow for individualized learning experiences with direct support from teachers and other students. The student is able to work at their own pace with daily classroom teaching and group work. Weekly mentoring sessions help to ensure student success.

Mesquite Elementary Performance Academy Gilbert AZ


  • Personalized learning
  • Opportunities for acceleration
  • Flexible schedule
  • Socialization with students
  • Elective offerings
  • Mentor program
  • Collaborative project work

Performance Academy Students

Further information and details can be found in our presentations: 
Performance Academy Information - pdf
Performance Academy Grading Policy - pdf
Performance Academy Habits of Success - pdf
Performance Academy Summit Learning Platform Overview - pdf
Performance Academy Teachers and Mentors Bios - pdf
Performance Academy Flipped Curriculum Night Mentor Presentation - pdf

How to Apply for the Performance Academy at Mesquite Elementary
How To Apply to the Performance Academy at Mesquite Elementary

We are now accepting applications to join our Performance Academy for 2019–2020! Note: Applications submitted for the Performance Academy prior to the April 15th deadline will be given priority for consideration of acceptance into the program. Those applications submitted after the April 15th deadline will be considered if space is available.

1. Complete and submit the online Performance Academy Application. During the application process please express your interest in admission to the Performance Academy by selecting yes when prompted, and Performance Academy specific questions will open for completion. 
New Family Registration Performance Academy
Existing Family Registration
2. Submit a letter of recommendation on the letterhead of the student’s training facility to Mesquite Elementary's front office.

3. Upon acceptance then we will begin the official enrollment process.

Performance Academy students studying in flexible seating

Performance Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What if I live outside of GPS, can we apply to be a part of the Performance Academy at Mesquite? 

Yes! Please follow the open enrollment process.

What is the difference between the Performance Academy and online school?

 While students in an online school are often working online at home, students in the Performance Academy enjoy a hybrid of online and teacher-directed learning. They work on the computer as well as with peers to maximize learning. Our students also have the opportunity to enroll in in-person elective classes such as band, orchestra, and< art.

Will I be able to enroll in the Performance Academy if I play recreational sports?

Recreational sports, while valuable for socializing and learning a sport’s basics, is not what the Performance Academy is designed for. Our students are highly-competitive in their respective sports training multiple days a week and traveling for competitions frequently. Those involved in recreational sports may want to consider a conventional classroom setting available on the Mesquite Elementary campus.

Will transportation be provided to my gym at the end of the school day?

Yes. We have existing relationships with several training facilities in the East Valley. Those students training at facilities with whom relationships are not yet established will need to submit training schedules by June 15th so that the school can work with district transportation to have transportation available when school begins. It is then the family’s responsibility to pick up their student from training at the conclusion of the student’s training session.

Does my child need to re-enroll/re-apply every school year? 

Yes, please note you will need to re-enroll/re-apply each school year for participation in the Performance Academy.

What qualifies my child to be a part of the Performance Academy?

Our students are highly competitive in their respective sports training multiple days a week and traveling for competitions frequently. The level of competition at which they compete means they need a more flexible school schedule that allows them to continue to earn a high-quality education, socialize with peers beyond their training partners and peruse their athletic passions. Students must apply to be part of the program including a letter of recommendation from their coach.

What paperwork do I need to provide in order to ensure that my child is qualified to attend the Performance Academy?

Prospective students and families are encouraged to come to tour the Performance Academy and meet our teaching team. From there, an online application is completed and a letter of recommendation on the letterhead of the student’s training facility is submitted.

To learn more about the Performance Academy program schedule a tour or contact Mesquite

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